Enterprise Honolulu


Our vision is a prosperous community and for our part, we will work in the following areas:

1. Clean and Local Energy Generation.

2. The redevelopment of agriculture and with it, food security. 

3. Our higher education institutions being the educational driver in our community.

4. A Prosperous Technology Industry. 

5. A relationship based visitor industry.

Enterprise Honolulu 2013 Initiatives (partial list):

Aloha Leadership
Restoring personal and professional health for individuals, relationships, and/or organizations.

Aloha Defines Hawaii's Organizations Culture - An initiative in business and leadership development with public and private organizations on cultural transformation of organizations through an ALOHA lens.

Punawai O Puuhonua
A Community Development Entity (CDE) responsible for the management of New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) for the development of low income community projects.

Bio International Conference - Chicago
Enterprise Honolulu organized The Hawaii Pavilion exhibit at the world's largest biotechnology conference, with over 16,000 participants from 65 countries. Six Hawaii based biotechnology companies contributed, plus representatives from Maui and Hawaii Island Economic Development Boards and the State of Hawaii for a total of 16 participants. This was funded in part from a State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) grant from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

National Space Symposium
Enterprise Honolulu partnered with the University of Hawaii and the Economic Development Association of Hawaii (EDAH) to sponsor an exhibit at the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Read more on the Event Website.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Update
A federally approved CEDS report through the Economic Development Association (EDA) will allow Hawaii's economic entities to be eligible for future EDA grant funds. Enterprise Honolulu is partnering with other organizations on a mid-term CEDS report with updated information on current and future economic development plans.

Trade Winds - Asia - Seoul, South Korea
Enterprise Honolulu organized a trade mission in conjunction with the US Commercial Service, the State of Hawaii, and partners from the Maui and Kauai Economic Development Boards for a total of 19 participants and 8 Hawaii based companies. This was the largest trade mission from the United States to South Korea and was funded in part from a STEP grant from the SBA.

Some projects from 2012, listed below, are continuing into 2013

Enterprise Honolulu 2012 Initiatives (partial list):

Bio International Conference - Boston
Enterprise Honolulu organized The Hawaii Pavilion exhibit at the Biotechnology International Conference in Boston, which included 18 participants from Hawaii based biotechnology organizations. The Hawaii Pavilion attracted over 100 meetings generating over 400 sales leads and was funded in part by a STEP Grant from the SBA and the State of Hawaii's Department of Business and Economic Development and Tourism.

Oahu Disaster Aftermath: Building Our Resilience and Planning Our Recovery
Enterprise Honolulu and the Honolulu City Council partnered and organized this inaugural conference to being the process of preparing a comprehensive long-term disaster recovery plan for Oahu. 220 participants representing both the public and private sector attended this day-long conference featuring the first formal presentation in Hawaii of the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF), a federal initiative that encourages counties and communities to develop disaster recovery plans.

Startup Hawaii
Enterprise Honolulu is the fiscal sponsor of Startup Hawaii in one of many ventures to promote the entrepreneurial Eco-system in Hawaii.

Organizational Seminars
A series of business seminars (M&M's and Deep Dive) conducted to help organizations identify and tell their own stories. Enterprise Honolulu President and CEO, Pono Shim, covered the importance of storytelling and use of illustrations rather than concepts to connect with others.

Some projects from 2011, listed below, are continuing into 2012

Enterprise Honolulu 2011 Initiatives (partial list):

Aloha Connects
Aloha Connects is a collaborative project designed to connect Hawaii businesses with their counterparts in the APEC member economies resulting in increased trade, business expansion, capital investment and job creation. Aloha Connect Website

U.S. EDA Grant
Enterprise Honolulu was awarded a grant from the United States Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (U.S. EDA). Read Press Release

The Blue Economy Alliance
Enterprise Honolulu is a USA representative for The Blue Economy Alliance. Read more in The Blue Economy Alliance page 

Enterprise Honolulu was the co-organizer of the Road to IPO event featuring NASDAQ OMX and the Hawaii Entrepreneur Pitch Competition. Read more on the Event Website

Hospitality Innovation and Technology Summit
Enterprise Honolulu is involved with an event that will support in building a new industry in Hawaii: Technology development and innovations for the hospitality industry.

Food and Energy Security Act
Enterprise Honolulu is a member Hawaii Economic Development Task Force which was developed as a result of the Food and Energy Security Act which became law as Act 73 on July 1, 2010.

Some projects from 2010, listed below, are continuing into 2011

Enterprise Honolulu 2010 Initiatives (partial list):

HCEI Outreach
Developing the tools, stories, and relationships to engage and move the community to the HCEI objectives of 70% clean energy by 2030
The World Congress on Zero Emissions Initiatives - Launching "The Blue Economy
Will focus on the design of an economic system driven by innovations, generating jobs and building social capital. It is based upon one hundred plus breakthroughs in businesses that have proven their competitiveness. The innovations being addressed at the Congress are related to food, water, housing, health, energy, transportation and waste, and how these innovations provide new job opportunities. When and where: September 13-17, 2010 at the Hawai’i Convention Center.
Hawaii Bioenergy and EH, Small Farms Project on Waianae.
Study, assess, and build a strategy and template for successful small food and/or energy farms (10-20 acres) in Hawaii.  Issues include:
Water use, Land use, Permitting, Business Planning, Financing, Proper Product, Geography, Geology, Product Processing, Storage, Distribution, Marketing, and Compliance within USDA or FDA.
Student Leadership Mentoring
Re-establishing Principle and Value Based Leadership at the High School and College Levels.
Cancer Research Center of Hawaii
Establish an advisory board to facilitate community input and support with the vision of developing CRCH into a Research and Treatment Facility. Providing opportunities for our youth to work in Oncology in Hawaii.
Family and Friends Come Home 
Tourism and kama’aina promotion using all methods including social networks and traditional marketing in the tourism industry with family and friends outside of Hawai’i to come home.  To support local businesses and impact the visitor industry with relationship marketing techniques.
Oahu Tech Park
Working with Honolulu County Economic Office to develop the RFP for the Oahu Technology Park.
HSTC/ HSTI partnership with EH 
To build a stronger community for positively developing a prosperous technology industry in Hawaii.
Comprehensive Economic Development Study (CEDS) 2010
Enterprise Honolulu is working with the City & County of Honolulu and the Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii to complete the CEDS 2010 report
New Market Tax Credit Program Application (NMTC)
Enterprise Honolulu is part of a Community Development Entity that has submitted an application to be part of the NMTC program
Hospitality Hardware and Software Development
Development of Tourism Technology industry in Hawaii 

Heritage Tourism

Kaupini Advisory board

Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii (EDAH)
Enterprise Honolulu is part of EDAH together with the Maui Economic Development Board, Hawaii Island Economic Development Board and Kauai Economic Development Board.

Interisland Water Transportation System

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2011 Meeting, Honolulu Hawaii