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Economic Overview
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This section offers an economic overview of Hawaii. Current and historic topics are covered, as well as an overview of Hawaii exports and details on the Hawaii Gross State Product (GSP).

Economic Snapshot


Economic Indicators201020112012201320142015
Total population (thousands)1,3631,3751,3891,4021,4161,431
Visitor arrivals (thousands) ¹7,0187,2997,9828,2918,5188,737
Visitor days (thousands) ¹65,46568,49574,92177,70579,85581,942
Visitor expenditures (million dollars) ¹11,06612,25514,56215,31716,12216,942
Honolulu CPI-U (1982-84=100)234.9243.6249.7255.7261.6267.6
Personal income (million dollars)55,83259,01461,55264,50667,86071,253
Real personal income (millions of 2000$) ²41,90942,70643,45644,47545,73546,943
Non-agricultural wage & salary jobs (thousands)586.9592.1601.0613.0622.2631.5
Gross domestic product (million dollars)65,59966,99170,10573,43876,93080,588
Real gross domestic product (millions of 2005$)58,10657,97758,90560,31861,82663,372
Gross domestic product deflator (2005=100)112.9115.5119.0121.8124.4127.2
Annual Percentage Change
Total population1.
Visitor arrivals ¹7.
Visitor days ¹7.
Visitor expenditures ¹10.710.718.
Honolulu CPI-U2.
Personal income3.
Real personal income ²0.
Non-agricultural wage & salary jobs-
Gross domestic product2.
Real gross domestic product1.4-
Gross domestic product deflator0.

1/ Visitors who came to Hawaii by air or by cruise ship. 
2/ DBEDT calculated using BEA estimate of nominal personal income deflated by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Honolulu CPI-U. 
Source: Hawaii State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, November 8, 2012.

This section offers a quick snapshot of the economy in Hawaii. Data such as number of businesses, employment and sales are covered.

Major Economic Activity

Material from the Hawaii Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is covered in this section, highlighting the major sectors of the economy.

Economic Conditions & Outlook

This section is also from CEDS and covers current state of the economy.

Hawaii Exports

A brief overview of Hawaii exports is offered in this section.

Hawaii GSP

The Gross State Product is broken down into industry sectors in this section.